What is Wrong with Facebook Not Loading?

What is wrong with Facebook not loading?
Facebook is one of the best social media websites available on the internet today and most of us can’t live without it. So, it would be frustrating for a normal man if they face some Facebook problems while trying to log in to their device. 

Is Facebook Down Today

Sometimes, the problems occur from the Facebook site and we can’t do much about it. For that, you have to check the Facebook outage map by following the down detector websites. It will help you clear the picture about the Facebook servers and you will get to know what’s wrong with Facebook. 

Let’s have a look at what you need to do if Facebook servers are working fine in your region. 

  • First, you must check the internet access of the computer and make sure that you have a high-speed connection. 

  • Now, you need to check the security software available on your computer. Sometimes, security software on a computer can cause some troubles to the internet on the system. 

  • Don’t ignore the browser-related issues and clear the cache and cookies from the browser as soon as possible. 

  • You should also fix the date and time on the computer as it might affect how browsers work on your system. 

  • You should also disable all the extensions you are using on the browser to make it load faster. 

  • If the browser is not responding to things properly, update it or switch to a different web browser. 

  • In the case of the mobile app, you can close and relaunch the app to resolve the Facebook not loading error. 


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