What to Do if you are Temporarily Blocked on Facebook?

What to do if you are temporarily blocked on Facebook?
Facebook is one of the social media platforms which is quite important for all of us. We can’t stay away from the Facebook account for too long as all of us have something important to do. So, when Facebook temporarily blocks your access to the account, it is pretty frustrating. 

Well, don’t worry, here are a few things you can try to resolve the temporary lock issue. 

How to Unblock Facebook

If you are getting the message ‘you have been temporarily blocked from performing this action’ on the login, then you should follow these steps to resolve it. 

Wait – well, you can wait for a certain period of the temporary lock and then try to open the account. When Facebook locks your account temporarily, then you have to wait for up to 96 hours to pass and then try to log in. Think of it as a punishment for doing something you’re not allowed to. 

Submit a request – If you are not up to it and want instant access to your account, then you might have to submit a request to unlock the account immediately. Go to the Facebook Help page and search for ‘My personal account was disabled’ page and then fill out the details required for the unblocking process. 

So, these are the ways to get your Facebook login unlocked and being able to access them again. 


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